Do you get enough protein?

Do you get enough protein? Comments from the Leafy in GREEN
From a Newsletter By: Sherry Brescia of Great Taste No Pain

Hi MiMi

Based on some of the emails and calls we receive every day, it appears that the fears of death, snakes and public speaking don't even come close to people's fear of not getting enough protein.

You can thank the Beef and Dairy Councils for that one.

Seems we've collectively been brainwashed into thinking that meat and dairy are the only AND best sources of protein, and if we don't drink milk and eat meat, we'll be protein deficient.

Tell me, do you even know what a protein deficiency looks like?

Know anyone that has one?

Me neither.

The fact is, meat and dairy are just two of many sources of protein, and they also happen to be among the most acid forming to your body.

So what does "acid forming" mean anyway?

A food is said to be acid forming when its residue following digestion is acidic (with a pH less than 7). When it's working optimally, your body eliminates this acid residue so it can maintain its healthy, slightly alkaline state.

But when you eat too many acid forming foods, your body can't keep up with the acid waste elimination. This causes a buildup of wastes which seep into your bloodstream which then wreak havoc throughout your body.

This is called a state of acidity (or acidosis). When you are in this state, and the typical American is, you can't effectively absorb nutrients from your foods.

So chances are excellent that you'll derive little nutrition benefit from ANY of your foods, including meats. (Good reason to avoid meats altogether!)

What you eat together makes a huge difference

What makes this worse is the fact that most people eat meat with the wrong other foods.

You see, many foods are broken down with acid enzymes like hydrochloric acid and pepsin, and others are with alkaline enzymes like ptyalin. When you eat foods together that require opposing enzymes (acid and alkaline) they neutralize each other in your stomach. This causes digestion to slow or stop altogether.

Your stomach senses something is wrong and secretes more acid trying to kick start digestion again. But BAM -- it gets neutralized again.

This can go on and on for hours.

And what you end up with is a ton of acid in your stomach which now destroys the nutrients in your foods. And soon you're reaching for the Rolaids, Tums, Pepcid, etc.

Is this making sense now?

All protein is created equal by your body

What people don't realize is that protein from animal products is just that -- animal protein. It's not human protein. (Just don't eat it!)

Your body needs to break down the cow or chicken or pig protein into its individual amino acids. Then it converts it to human protein. This is quite an involved process that takes a lot of energy to complete.

Want to know another GREAT source of protein that requires a lot less energy?

Alkaline foods.

That's right.

Alkaline foods (like fresh fruits and vegetables) are those that leave an alkaline residue after digestion (with a pH over 7). And since your body is naturally alkaline by design, alkaline foods are naturally much easier for your system to deal with.

Alkaline foods already contain the amino acids your body requires to construct all the protein you need.


And because they're alkalizing to the body, you end up getting the benefit of the amino acids (and all the other nutrients) in your foods because they're not being destroyed by stomach acid.

Be as smart as a cow

Here's an interesting tidbit: Cows (and other animals of strength and endurance, including gorillas) eat nothing but alkaline foods.

Cows with their huge bones and enormous bodies have no trouble with protein deficiency.

Their natural food?


Methinks we can learn a lesson from them. (eat a Plant-based, whole foods!!!)

Check it out right away...and get all the protein you need without worry.

To your health,  (or as we say at The Leafy: Sláinte!)
Sherry Brescia

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