Can You Say "PLANT SALE"??

Just in time for Mother's Day, and a signal to the start of an all important part of life in a tough environment such as Maine, SPRING PLANTING. The fever for planting is in full swing which is one of the many reasons we love our Maine Community as much as we do. Here are some photos I snapped from the weekly local news rag, The Free Press. These articles (not ads) are in one issue, maybe it should have been called "The Plant Sale Edition". Gotta Love it!

Plant Sale to benefit Chapman Hall House

Camden Garden Club

Morris Farm Sale

First Universalist Church in Rockland

Camden Hills Regional High School

The Belfast Garden Club

AND... The St. John's Annual Plant Sale
AND, if Plant Sales are not your thing, how about FARMER"S MARKETS??? It's still a bit early, but several local Farmer's Markets are getting under way this week too!
Camden Farmer's Market  Belfast Farmer's Market

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms, and Happy Planting!

Sláinte! and remember, like the Gorilla, you will do well to:


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