Yonanas, made by DOLE is one of the keenest products for non-dairy frozen treat lovers like me. Check it out:http://www.yonanas.com/ 

Cherry, Banana, & Mango with a Ginger Cookie
I often make dairy-free ice "cream" in my classes and as dessert for friends who can't believe how great it tastes. Up until recently, I had been making the soft serve yummy in everything from a food processor to a blender to a masticating juicer until someone in a class told me about the Yonanas machine made by DOLE. Using simply frozen fruit, sometimes mixed with cinnamon, cocoa and dried fruits or nuts you can make this delicious treat at home and eat it for breakfast, even!
The Yonanas arrives by surprise!

This machine is very simple, easy to clean and only costs about $50 compared to my juicer which was $300 and my Vitamix (you know they are expensive)!

You just put the frozen fruit through the chute and out comes your guilt-free frozen treat. It is best to allow the frozen fruit to thaw a tiny bit before placing through the hopper. Eat "as-is" for the healthiest option, or top with your favorite combinations of delights. Swirl flavors together or scoop separately. One 1/2 cup serving has only 100 fat-free calories as opposed to dairy ice cream which has twice as much but with the worry of saturated fat and cholesterol. With the added benefit of potassium, B vitamins, soluble fiber, and a host of other vitamins and antioxidants depending on fruit used, you will be doing yourself a dairy-free favor!

NOTE: If you are concerned about blood sugar levels, use fruits other than pineapple. Most fruits have a lower glycemic index than you might think, with the exception of pineapple, certain melons and dried fruits. Be careful to limit additions such as coconut and tree nuts as they will drive up calories and fat intake.

You can find out how to purchase a YONANAS here . You can also make ice cream-less sandwiches such as these little cuties, check it out here.


  1. so are you saying the ice cream from the yonanas machine is better than what can be made with the champion juicer? (i always figured they were similar, and the yonanas was a mostly redundant one-trick-pony.)

  2. I say its a $50 machine vs a $300 machine. Same results for the dairy free dessert.

  3. MiMi,

    My Mom got one at a yard sale for $25, not counting her senior discount.
    : )
    It got passed down to me. I put a frozen banana and some whole froz strawberries in it. The processing part was annoying actually, but like you said, maybe some thawing has to happen first. Then I tossed in a handful of frozens pecans (on the bowl, not in the machine) and also some sesame sticks and wow, so refreshing and good, hit the spot!
    I made Jack try some, since he is the ultimate "ice cream monster" and I said, we can make this ourselves! Save money!
    Anyway, I guess I can put whatever in here, right? Raspberries, etc. But bananas is the basic ingredient, right?
    Usually when I make a smoothie in the Ninja I use banana with yogurt, fruit juice, water, froz. fruit.
    What's your take on all this? Thanks!~

  4. Hello Mrs. Fowler!! You can put most (softish)things in the YONANAS machine. I have put chocolate chips and fresh mint leaves in mine. I am about to have strawberry rhubarb sauce on some yonanas right now!
    Yes, the key is to have your bananas and other frozen fruit not TOO frozen. I take my stuff out of the freezer about 30 minutes before I use it, that is if it has been in the freezer for a over 24 hours.
    Good luck and thanks for commenting!

    Their website had a lot of good tips too. http://www.yonanas.com/


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