Lets Go Veg! Even if its just for one week!

Hello Healthy Ones!

Please join us April 21 - 27 and take the VegPledge with US VegNews!

Want to save the planet? GO VEG!!! Even if its just for one day a week, one week a month or more, switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet will help cut back on greenhouse gasses, water usage, AND your mother will love you for it! Mother Earth that is! Watch this compelling testimonial from Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron:

Here's how you can join in and do your part and take the pledge for at least one week with US VegWeek and FEAST on a meatless diet during Earth Week: [TAKE THE PLEDGE](http://usvegweek.com/pledge/)

I will be sending out a post updating everyone on all the Leafy (and MiMi) news that's fit to print very soon. Here is a sneak peak at one of the new Leafy Cafe Logo designs from Ed Hose! She's a little fuzzy right now because we are still tweaking her veggie-ness. What do you think?

Until then... 

  1. Sláinte!


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