The New Face at Leafy Cafe: Introducing Jennifer Osburn-Wiemers!

Sometimes, you just don't know what to do next, and then out of the sky drops an angel, steering you into a certain direction and a solution magically appears.

Meet Jennifer Osburn-Wiemers, the new face of Leafy Cafe, at least for the Summer! Jennifer is the angel to whom I refer. As you all know, I head north for the Summers and always struggle with the idea of having to close Leafy Cafe. 
Last year, I literally bumped into  Katie Sims in the Harris Teeter parking lot and a light-bulb went off telling me she would for some reason be interested in carrying on the Leafy Meals to Go Service, and guess what? She DID!! Fantastically, just walked in and took the bull by the horns preparing all of the same fabulous WHOLE PLANT FOODS for anyone who wished to order. YAY! Thanks Katie!!

This year seemed a bit more of a challenge. The club managers really wanted something different in the cafe space in my absence. More like a "real" cafe, with regular hours, a menu, ETC. There was talk of outsourcing the cafe to various and sundry franchise type operations, etc. but how would this work when I returned, and  lucky me, management wanted me back!!
Then another light-bulb moment, how about Leafy Cafe EXPRESS or Grab 'n GO?? A fun new menu with cool, refreshing fare for the Summer!!??
Like that idea??
Well, rewind to March 10. I received an email from a bright young woman who is a dy-no-mite corporate coach, looking to move more towards the wellness field. Jennifer! She sent me a brief bio, she is a recent addition to the Golden Isles and wanted to provide more healthy options for the community. Jennifer was interested in taking a cooking class but it just was not happening for her at the moment. She is planning to become certified as a Health & Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic program. 
In the following weeks, she really had to chase me down, I just could not figure  how we would partner or how I could help her in any way. Then, in late March, after much email banter, we arranged a meeting, still no idea of how we could get it together BUT we did start talking about food trucks, her interest in cooking, smoothies and other stuff so the dialogue was morphing into something more than coaching.  Finally, sometime in Late April, the whole plan came together and thus LEAFY CAFE EXPRESS was created, with Jennifer at the Helm!! Double YAY!!

Currently, I am training Jennifer to take the reigns at the Leafy. We will be in the kitchen & cafe 3 evenings each week until I depart. Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays from 4 - 7. Here is how it works.
Please stop by and welcome Jennifer to The Club. Stay tuned for our MENU, Soft Opening & Tasting Hours AND a Launch Party/Farewell to MiMi event!


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