Happy New Year - Matcha Latte Recipe!

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte in Simon van der Ven cups

Hello Healthy Ones!!    Happy 2017!  🎉

Yes, I realize its been a while since I've posted a recipe. This does not mean I've stopped cooking or stopped loving or stopped sharing. 2016 was a busy year filled with exciting ventures and at certain points, the Leafy Cafe Blog suffered from neglect.

In 2016 I held Food for Life Cooking and Nutrition classes in Maine and Georgia.  Leafy Cafe moved from being a "real" cafe back to being a "virtual" cafe, I prepared hundreds of meals for various clients and coached others on their journeys to optimal health. And the most exciting of all, in 2016 I saw a dream come true; Wellness Adventures at Stafford House on Cumberland Island in Georgia. That's correct, the universe took its time to deliver this opportunity, but it was worth the 16 year wait. All of the stars finally aligned for myself along with three fabulous, experienced yoga instructors to provide four wellness/soft adventure getaways which we dubbed "Nama-STAY!"

2017 looks to be as fun and busy with more wellness adventures scheduled for Cumberland Island and another on a mountain top in Maine! Cooking classes are in the planning stages, and best of all, my first cookbook is in the works! Look for Leafy Cafe Cooks, a FREE ebook download, coming soon! Here is a sample recipe which I have been working on for the book. Let me know if you try it by leaving a comment below!

Serves 2

3 cups non dairy milk (I like almond or cashew for this)
2 T Almond Butter
2 T Coconut Butter or Oil
2 t matcha green tea powder
1/4 t powdered ginger
1/8 t ground cardamom
1 t maca powder (this is a powder made from a magical Peruvian root which tastes like a malt flavor)
1 t sweetener of your choice
pinch sea salt


1. Warm non-dairy milk in a saucepan over low heat or microwave one minute. You can also use a milk frother/steamer which is what I do because I have 3 (yes 3) of them. I love this appliance!
2. Pour warm milk into the blender with all other ingredients and blend, or use an immersion blender
3. Pour into your favorite mug or cup and top with cinnamon.

I love to use these beautiful, handmade cups for matcha. They are made by a very talented Maine potter, Simon van derVen.

If you like this recipe, you might also enjoy my recipe for Morning Comfort Drink. You can find it HERE if you scroll down on the page after clicking the link.



  1. I was wondering what you were doing. Happy New year ! I will try this.


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