Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free...

What's left to eat??

RAWSOME Chocolate truffles
Hello everyone! I realize it's been a while since I last shared a post. Well, I've tried and there are many drafts in the file but I felt like this one had to get out!

Many of you know I work at a very beautiful, luxury Inn on the coast of Maine in the Summers. It has become more and more common for our guests to ask for special consideration in the preparation of their meals and snacks to avoid common allergens or animal products. In years past, it was an anomaly and now it is pretty regular. I often hear chefs and diners alike feeling very frustrated with this.

These days it seems common to hear of people with dietary restrictions. Eliminating or avoiding this or that for one reason or another. Traditional medical practitioners are learning more and more about the effects foods can have on our health, and recommending dietary changes to their patients for conditions ranging from auto-immune disease to UTI's! And don't forget, there have long been diet and lifestyle changes prescribed for concerns such as hypertension, cardio-vascular issues, diabetes and weight-loss.

Where do we turn to try to figure it all out? Well, its not that hard! There are countless blogs, cook books and facebook support groups as well as professionals such as ME who can help. Its my joy to cook for folks on special diets because I believe food is medicine and can be tasty too! I have spent the last eight years studying and testing foods and recipes which I think should become more common place in our lives and more available to us in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. and guess what? They are! I see it happening, although its not a huge movement, but it is! If you live in a city, you likely have everything you need if you do not eat corn, chocolate, sugar, or prunes... Here are a few of my favorite past posts containing some special recipes which pack a ton of taste and nutrition without containing some of the more common foods to which people have sensitivities.




Watch me making some healthy, gluten, dairy, sugar and egg free treats here:


Last but by no means LEAST. My favorite way to avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, etc. is to EAT PLANTS!  That's right folks, the fastest path to Optimal Health is to EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Especially the green leafy kind! Very few people are allergic to or have intolerances to most veggies. There are a few but usually you can count on Kale, carrots, sweet potatoes (did I mention I make a mean sweet potato brownie??) to help HEAL and not create dis-ease. If you have food texture issues, vegetables can be unappealing but this is not a serious health concern (unless it keeps you from eating veggies) and can be addressed.

Ok, that's all for now! Have a fabulous rest-of-the-summer y'all!! Miss you!! Drop me a note!



  1. Me Me,Looks amazing......thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ellen! Come see me in Maine and GUS! #gitusome


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