Sláinte (pronounced SLAWN-CHA) and My Good News!

Sláinte means "Health"  in Gaelic. I had intended to publish this post some time around St. Patrick's Day but it did not happen. I figure that's alright because I say Sláinte and toast my green smoothie "to health" all year long, not just on March 17.  Besides my good fortune of being healthy, I have definitely had the luck of the Irish recently.

The exciting news in my life is that I have been accepted to participate in the Spring training session to become a Food For Life cooking instructor with The Cancer Project! This is the most exciting opportunity and a perfect fit for me. Many of you know that I have been obsessed about diet and health for many years since my first husband and several other close friends lost their battles with cancer of one sort or another. I have always known that there must be some link between what we eat and disease. 

While it now seems common knowledge that certain dietary patterns are linked to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes & cancer, 20 years ago, it was not considered, especially not for cancer prevention or cure. Now we have physicians and multiple studies that support a Plant Based-Whole Foods diet as the optimal diet for prevention, reversal, and cure for many diseases! It is by far the healthiest way to eat, not only on the planet but FOR THE PLANET!! 

After the application process and background checks (whew, they did not find the dirt on me) I made it into an elite group (5%) of applicants who actually go to Washington DC for the training and then start teaching others how to cook a low-fat PBD and incorporate it into their lives.  I can't wait to get started!


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