Here is the first one in our line of JUST EAT PLANTS! Tee shirts modeled by C! The color matches the blush in her cheeks perfectly!! This is an organic cotton shirt by American Apparel from Cafe Press. This shirt features a Giraffe image but the tees come with other iconic "Plant Strong" animals such as Rhinos, Gorillas, Kangaroos, and soon, Elephants and Horses too. Maybe one day we will see the silhouette of a human on these tees! We are designing one that ties in the evolution of man from ape and back again (as far as diet goes) LOL!

Check out our Cafe Press Shop with gifts starting at  just $5! http://shop.cafepress.com/leafy-cafe
Don't let the prices of some items scare you, if you sign up for Cafe Press, they issue discount coupons almost every day!

Ain't it Great!


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