Mary's Good News!

I'd like to share some recent emails from Food for Life Alumnae, Mary Brand. A while back we featured Mary and her husband who own the printing company where our JUST EAT PLANTS shirts are printed! Mary attended my first ever FFL Cancer Project class on St. Simons at the Island Natural Market on Dec. 1 2011. She then followed up with the entire series later in 2012. Now, Mary has some very GOOD NEWS!

Mary holding up one of the first tees, hot off the press!

Both emails are from Oct. 2012 while I was prepping supplies for the VegFest in Jacksonville, including the newly designed Elephant JUST EAT PLANTS tshirts.

Hi MiMi

Got CA 125 blood test results today and I am at 26.8 now!  That's in the acceptable range of 0-34.  I am very happy!  It has gone down from 91 in January!

I have a question for a friend, is your Holiday Cooking Class gluten free?



and then this: 


Hey!  Wow, you were so smart to leave the north when you did!  Hope the storm didn't mess with you on the trip down here.

Both of your orders are ready to pick up at your convenience.  I won't be out there for a while due to end of month work that I have to do.  But I am looking forward to seeing you at class! 

I never answered your last email . . . Thanks for the congrats!  You can use my story and I will share in any way you need, I can guest blog if you tell me how to go about it.  I feel like bricks have been lifted off of me!!!  I have been telling everyone about the benefits of a vegan diet.  That's two major turnarounds for me, both proven with blood test results.  The first was stage one kidney disease completely reversed to the good, and now this CA 125 cancer test.  Without having the recommended hysterectomy and following pathology, there is no way to tell if I actually had cancer or just many false positives.  Some people told me not to wait, get the surgery right away.  I am so glad I waited and thankful that it worked out this way.  I credit the vegan diet and Dr. Cabeca's supplements to the good test results. Thank you for your influences to keep me on this healthy path.


I hear of these types of results in classes from other alumni of the Food for Life Program. I am so fortunate to present this valuable information in our communities!

GO Mary!! Wooo HOOOO!


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