Storing Chipotle Pepper Clues

I would have called this post Chipotle Pepper Blues up until a few minutes ago that is. How many of you find that you hesitate to open a can of those spicy beauties packed in Adobo because you know you only need one & then you are not sure when you will ever use the other 6 or 7?? Well, thanks to Susan V. Over at Fat Free Vegan, my all time favorite healthy vegan blog, I have been saved! 
As many of you know, I freeze the excess of all types of things in ice cube trays for later use. Veggie pulp, smoothie stuff, herbs & most especially veggie broth. Never did it ever occur to me to use this same strategy for dealing with leftover chipotle peppers in adobo! Duh!!! Just purée the leftovers in food processor & freeze! I just had to share it with y'all this instant cause I was so excited!! Look:
Tah Dah!!! Into the freezer then once frozen, pop them out & place in a Baggie or small airtight container. Use one per pepper required in future recipes!!


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