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Which Foods are BEST after Yoga?

Hello Lovelies!  Today lets chat a bit about the relationship of Yoga and Food Choices. I'm thinking about this quite a bit lately because it will be the focus of food for our upcoming Island Wellness Adventure to Cumberland and again in April, when Janita and I will head up to the North Georgia woods and hang out at the Twin River Resort, on the Soque River, for the GA River Network Hidden Gem Event over Earth Day.
It’s not uncommon for a yoga practice to take us into a different state of being. The physical poses, along with things like pranayama and meditation, can bring us into awareness of our bodies and minds with a sense of clarity and presence that we want to sustain as long as possible after class ends. One way of prolonging the benefits of yoga is through good diet choices after practice. Whether you think of yoga as a holistic system of spiritual and physical growth or as a tool to relieve stress and increase flexibility and toning, what you eat after your practice can ha…

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