Everything Gives You Cancer...

Or so it seems. I could not help but sing that old Joe Jackson song to myself this morning after watching Dr. Greger's latest string of videos which included this one:

Heterocyclic Amines in Eggs, Cheese, and Creatine? | NutritionFacts.org

But as I'm humming away & watching last weeks thread of really interesting stuff, it dawned on me that everything does not give you cancer! Plant foods do not give you cancer!! At least if they are not totally altered or genetically modified anyway :) All the more reason to Just Eat Plants!!

This little seed pod just for you comes from the road, somewhere in central Florida on Hwy. 301, bout 30 miles south of Starke .


Now offering Food for Life Classes at St. Simons Health and Fitness Club!

The Front Porch of Magnolia House where we have held many of the cooking classes

I am sooo excited! Much has been happening while in Georgia. The Leafy Cafe series of cooking classes has been fun, well attended, and a true exploration of plant-based cooking for foodies here in Glynn County. We've prepared everything from Soul-food to Nut-based, cultured cheeses with a bit of Comfort Food thrown in for those after the holiday blues. On February 2 there will be a Smoothie and Juicing class where we will explore the ins and outs of adding a smoothie or juicing to your diet. We'll get in to which machines do what, how to boost your nutrient intake with blended salads, and much more. Soon to come information on a plant-based baked goods class too. BUT the most exciting news is the addition of Food for Life Cooking and Nutrition classes to the roster at
St. Simons Health and Fitness Club!
 Food for Life: The Power of Food for Health

Yes! I had a meeting with the management of the club on a Wednesday and the following Monday, we announced the relocation of the existing series from Magnolia House to the club. Within 48 hours, with a little help from the Brunswick News and Meghan Pittman, the class was FULL at 26 attendees, growing from the original 7! Our first meeting was fun and well received and we are still running full with a waiting list for the next series in April. The club's owners/managers are very happy to bring this vital information to the community and they are the first and only business in Glynn County to offer a full Food for Life for Cancer Prevention and Survival series to the public. I'll keep you posted on the dates for the upcoming classes.