Chicken Marbella - Vegan Style!


Do any of you remember the Silver Palate Cookbook? It was one of my favorites back in the 1980's and 90's. Before I decided to go to Culinary School, I was always throwing large, themed  (seriously, with rented china, etc.!) dinner parties and often used the recipes from this particular book. I loved that  type of food and so did everyone who gathered at my table to dine with us.

Fast forward to today... time goes on and things change. I'm not cooking with tons (or even any) olive oil, cream, butter or meat these days. Unless I am cooking for a private client who desires it, most of my meals are no-oil, low fat and VEGAN, And it is this life-giving food my dinner guests usually enjoy when sitting around our table today. 

I have never claimed to be a Vegan, and even though I eat a vegan diet, I am not an ethical vegan or vegetarian by any means. I consider myself a "human health advocate" which is my reason for choosing a Whole Foods, Plant-based Diet for myself and promote this to my clients.
SO,every once in a while, I will cook meat for my non-vegan friends. Such is the case for this Chicken Marbella.

I decided I wanted to make chicken marbella, but what would I use in place of the chicken for myself and David?? I have tried using eggplant, and it works really well too. This time, I thought of these Soy Curls I had recently received. 
Soy Curls from Butler Foods
I had heard about Butler Foods Soy Curls over on Susan V.'s Blog: Fat Free Vegan (one of my very favorites which I recommend to client frequently. HERE are some of her recipes using this versatile product. The recipe I noticed them in was for Mu-Shu Lettuce Wraps which I was making for the Leafy Cafe Meals to Go-Go service. I had never heard of them. I was curious so I ordered some directly from Daniel at Butler Foods. 
The Marbella Marinade
I made the marinade for the real chicken just as it is in the recipe, oil and all. I made my own marinade without the oil, using veggie stock, lemon juice and later, wine, otherwise, it was the same.

The soy curls in the marinade
 I failed to take any photos of the finished dish because I was entertaining a house-full of hungry guests. Both dishes were really enjoyed! The vegan diners (myself and my husband) loved the soy curls prepared in the Marbella style. The chicken eaters loved their version AND many of the non-vegan diners tried the soy curls and LOVED them!! They ate everything!

THANK YOU Daniel and Butler Foods for producing this great, non-gmo, whole food!! Now I have used it in many recipes, including FFV's Mu-Shu Lettuce Wraps!!
If y'all order some curls from the folks at Butler, tell them I sent you!!


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