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Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Leafy Café! This blog is about sharing, caring and sustainability with a healthy dose of delicious. Delicious, healthy plant-based food that is! You will find this in the form of recipes, cool kitchen tips and gadgets, places to shop and people who inspire along with the latest news here on the Ridge. This is a blog a work in progress, so-to-speak, and there will be modifications and with time, more great photos, stories and Recipes!

My name is MiMi McGee and this is my space to wander aimlessly and write about all things I find encouraging.  I live on Appleton Ridge with my husband, film maker David Wright and our dog “Rosie”.  Among my many interests (including but not limited to people, places, and things) I love to exercise (swim, hike, ski, bike, run, lift weights…..) I love textiles (knitting, weaving, clothing lots of “ings”.…) and I LOVE to cook and FEED people!!!  (and I love parentheses). Oh yeah, someone just reminded me, I love to make interesting and beautiful jewelry. ...and gardening too!

Following a Plant based diet and preparing yummy, healthy low fat food has become my passion.  Most of my cooking is based on the teachings of Dr. John McDougall and The McDougall Program The China Study; Dr. T.Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM and  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn  of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease fame. I stay mostly within those guidelines for the recipes you will see posted on this blog. I have recently added some recipes which follow guidelines found in Dr. Joel Fuhrman's books: Eat to Live and Super Immunity  however I can’t help myself and occasionally I will post a recipe which might fall just outside of the lines for any of these plans and have a little of something sugary or less low-fat, I’ll let you know when I do this. J Thanks for visiting!


Here's to good health!

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