Leaving Maine and Heading South!

Life in Appletonia is grand but occassionally I must leave this nest and head for warmer climes. Now is one of those times. First, Rosie and I drove home to the Jersey Shore to visit with family. While there, good friends Karen & Caroline met me for the remaining 16hr. drive to my "heart home" which is Coastal Georgia.
As I left Knox County the sleet was hitting the windows of the car sideways and the coyotes were still hanging around our neighbors deck. Yep, coyotes, at least 12 of them. I stopped to take some photos but with the weather as it was and the idea that the hunter may not appreciate my chronicling his hunting prowess, the pictures did not turn out great.

Dead Coyotes in Appleton Maine, how sad :-(

Needless to say, I was not unhappy to leave the snow, ice, wind, mud, frost heaves and washouts! One thing I will miss about this time of the year in our neighborhood are the sap buckets on the maple trees. There is something so wonderful about that sight, saps a rising, Spring is really on the way! Karen, Caroline & I will witness the joys of Spring right before our eyes as we travel south, more photos to follow! Along with the joyful news of emerging Spring, I am full of the joyous of news which I will disclose in my next post!!! :-)
See you in the Sunny South!


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