What do Washington D.C., Beaufort, SC, Little St. Simons Island, GA & Ponte Vedre FL all have in common?

ME, That's what!! It has been a whirlwind of a month! I have been to each of these places (some of them twice) in the last 30 days.
Karen, Caroline & I explored Washington DC on our way down to GA. It was a beautiful day and we were all excited to see the Monuments, White House, etc. Rosie was the hit of the day with everyone stopping to ask "what type of dog is that"?

After leaving Washington DC we made our way to coastal Georgia and the girls returned to their normal lives, Karen as a talented & skilled nurse in the Maternity Center of our local hospital and Caroline as a student par excellent at the Oglethorpe Elementary School.

Upon my return to the beloved south-land I was greeted by some sad news. One funeral down and  another on Monday, funerals are never fun but none the less its a good way to reconnect with many friends whom I have not seen in way too many years. RIP Chuck & Al.

I  traveled down to Ponte Vedre, FL to cook for a friend and her 87 year old mother who has heart disease.  While I was there, my friend treated me to the very best vegan meal I have ever eaten in a non-vegan (or even vegetarian) restaurant:  Medure.
I recommend this restaurant! The chef prepared a plant-based sampler which blew me away. I was so in awe that I failed to take a photo or note all that was on the plate but I can tell you that it was great and the staff were actually excited about it! The chef's mom is vegan. Thanks Medure!

A few good plant based meals in the fridge for Cay's mom & I left for Beaufort, SC to meet David for a shoot at the prestigious Sessation Golf Club.
"The Big Chill" was filmed in Beaufort, along with The Great Santini & many other movies. It is a charming southern town right in the heart of the Low Country. While in Beaufort I managed to catch up with another friend I have not seen in over a dozen years at least! Here's an old photo of me with my bud in 1984!
I found this old photo while looking for a birthday card about a week after we met in Beaufort, what a  coincidence!

 David and I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to LSSI before he left, where we celebrated Mark Farver's birthday. David and I shot this video many years ago and the Island has changed so little that the video is still used on the LSSI website: http://www.littlestsimonsisland.com/video.html Its worth the watch!

 I know you all want recipes and they are on the way but recently I have been enjoying food from my three new books: An Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau and The Cancer Survivor's Guide by Neal Barnard, MD & Jennifer Reilly, RD.  You can download a PDF copy of The Cancer Survivor's guide which I totally suggest you do! This is the handbook which accompanies the Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Series which I am now certified to teach! My next post will bring us up to date with the totally awesome immersion training program I went to last week at PCRM in DC. Stay tuned!!
Until then,
Sláinte! = Health
(remember? slawn-cha)


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