Kickstarter Project

 Lately I have been wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and dreaming .... well, you know the old Dusty Springfield song.
"If I could just convince a local company to offer the Food for Life classes to their employees, and the local community, hmmmm." I have been pulling my hair out trying to come up with creative methods of funding at least 4 series of classes to the local community, in two locations for a total of 8 Food for Life series annually.

Then, I came up with another idea...


 Kickstarter, the website for  finding funding for creative projects! I have submitted an idea for a project to fund the series of classes in exchange for prizes, private dinners, individual and personal chef service, etc. I'm not sure if my project will meet the required guidelines but I'm giving it a shot. Maybe I will try for a Plant-based food truck or $ to bottle Steve's Snappy Chutney if this idea does not work because I'm having a real hard time finding funding to give these wonderful classes.

I need some heroes and maybe Kickstarter is the way to find them. Wish me Luck!





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