Annual Dinner & NATTO Tasting!

Maple Tree in our yard!
Hello Healthy Ones!

Where has the Summer gone? My how time flies and so, once again, shall I! Yes, I am truly a WIMP when it comes to Yankee winters. But before I depart for points south, I was hoping we could all get together for some Plant-Powered Fun on Monday, October 13th - Mark your calendars. 

This year will be our third annual Food for Life Maine Alumni Supper. I've been so blessed to be teaching the FFL cooking classes in Maine for 4 years now!
Once again, we will convene at The High Tide Inn thanks to owner, Innkeeper, & FFL Alimna, Jo Freilich.   Beautiful!!
High Tide Inn
Wouldn't it be nice if we were going to be there early enough to see this view?? Sorry, we are gathering at 6ish so some of you early birds might just get a peak.

This year we will be trying something special & unique, but of course, NATTO! Yep, that stringy, smelly, fermented form of soy which is the plant world equivalent to Limburger Cheese. You' ll either love it or hate it - But please come try it! Rita Haas, super macrobiotic teacher extraordinaire, will be with us to coach on all things Natto and she has agreed to bring some AMASAKE, whatever that is! Other than the Amasake, it's BYOB (Bring your own Beverage) Jo will have water & it is also BADTS! (Bring a Dish to Share :) I will have door prizes & goodbye hugs if you will bring your dish & recipe.
Blessings from the Bean!
See you there? Hope so, or be L7!
Email me at to let me know if you are planning to attend so we have an idea of numbers!
Thanks, Love & Peas!

OH, and don't forget to tell anyone you know who would like to learn more about Food for Life Cooking classes about our Breast Cancer Awareness Class to be held at the Picker Family Resource Center on Wednesday, October 15 at 5:30. It is FREE to all FFL newbies!


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