Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

It's Christmas Day here & the morning was spent hiking to waterfalls & spectacular lookout spots at Ships Cove, one of Captain Cooks favorite landings. This afternoon, we are off to Picton and special tours to the Marlborough region for food and wine pairings, which should be interesting to say the least! Thus far my "special diet" has been beautifully and tastefully accommodated.
Here are a few pictures of the ship, our cabin, and other various shots. 

Yesterday we had a cultural tour with the chief of a Maori tribe & his family. They served us an afternoon tea with snacks including fresh veggies & hummus!! Wow! 
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! I might have a bite of Christmas pudding or some pavlova tonight, just for the heck of it!! 
Can't publish with all of these photos so I've deleted some. Merry Christmas everyone!!! 


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