Eating Plant-based Foods on the Go!

David filming a big croc in Australia
As many of you know, my husband is an award-winning Producer/Cameraman. I'm very proud of David and his many accomplishments but mostly I am so happy that David has "turned a corner", so to speak, with his food choices.  When we first met, David was an unhealthy vegetarian. The type who eats only eggs, bread and cheese - he hated most vegetables. He quickly and happily changed back in to a mostly "meat and potatoes" kind of guy for most of the years of our partnership until recently. In the last few years, as I have been cooking, teaching and eating a Whole-Food, Plant-Based diet, David has been following along, often commenting on what I'm preparing, saying such things as "excellent if you added cheese" or "nothing a little chicken wouldn't fix". He says he is just kidding. :-) thanks honey!
David travels all over the globe for work and it is really difficult for him to eat "vegan-style" which prevents him from ever getting over his food cravings but he really is trying and has become a bit of what I call a "vegangelist" now, often feeling quite disgusted by what the rest of the crew are eating. The image below is a photo D sent this morning. 

Unhealthy food choices for workers on the go
David is away for several weeks shooting a new series for National Geographic. He is sharing an apartment with a couple of other guys in the crew. The photo above was the dinner the other guys enjoyed last night and likely the breakfast they would have this morning.

Because David is really trying to "stick to the plan" (whole-foods, plants, no added oil, etc.) he requested I pack him so food to take along on the shoot. He is not always lucky enough to have an apartment with a kitchen and typically has to eat at McDonalds, Olive Garden, and other nasty fast food places so I was really happy to comply with the request.

I spent the day in Production Kitchen in order to send David off on the trip with the following yummy foods:
Sriracha Butternut Squash & Black Bean Stew 

Curried Buckwheat Groats Salad
I came up with this fancy method of making the patties look "store bought" by using canning jar lids!

YUMMY Homemade Veggie Burgers which were precooked  & frozen

These and several other frozen sauces, soups and patties were packed into a cooler. Lucky for him, the series location is only four hour drive from our home. What would he be eating without his care package?? Usually I do not even want to know. Lately he has been requesting healthier choices from the PA who buys lunches for the crew and at the restaurants where they frequently dine. I always recommend he have HUGE salads with low-fat dressing on the side or fresh lemon. Here is a great little dining-out tool from PCRM's 21 Day Kickstart:
I wish I had remembered to send one of these "cheat sheets" in his care package.

In fact, honey, if you read this post, go directly to: for all types of great information! (thanks PCRM!!)

Remember, it is easier than you think to eat healthily. Plan and prepare ahead, print out the PCRM dining out guide and don't be afraid to ASK your server at any restaurant.

Have a great day!


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